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Road Safety Audit Checklists are designed to prompt the auditor to identify potential safety issues. There are checklists available for each stage of design. These checklists are documented in the Austroads Guide to Road Safety Audit (Third Edition 2009).

Master Checklist 

Feasibility Stage Checklist 

Preliminary Design Stage Checklist 

Detailed Design Stage Checklist 

Pre-Opening Stage Checklist 

Road Safety Inspection Existing Road Checklist 

Roadworks Traffic Scheme Checklist 


Audit checklists for road safety around schools were developed under the direction of the Road Safety Council’s Road Safety Around Schools Taskforce. Schools have particular road safety issues and by using these checklists, auditors can be prompted on these special problems. A copy of this document is provided below. There are also additional checklists provided below, to assist auditors when auditing railway level crossings and shared use paths.



Safety Audit Checklists for Road Safety Around Schools 


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